Recutech VenturE-RV Enthalpy Plate Heat Exchangers

Exclusively available in
North America by AIRotor

Superior air-to-air counter flow enthalpy plate heat exchangers with up to 90% energy effectiveness.

Recutech counterflow enthalpy plate heat exchanger

New! VenturE-RV Counter Flow Enthalpy Plate Heat Exchangers by Recutech

Exclusively available in North America by AIRotor

The patented Recutech VenturE-RV is an air-to-air counter flow enthalpy heat exchanger that utilizes an engineered polymer membrane to transfer heat and moisture from one air stream to the other. Water vapor diffuses through the membrane. During winter, the supply air is humidified, relieving dry throats, stinging eyes, and dry skin. During summer the supply air is dehumidified to provide a comfortable indoor climate.

The enthalpy heat exchanger enriches incoming warm air with moisture from the exhaust air or extracts moisture from the air under hot or tropical conditions; without transmitting odors, germs, spores, and bacteria! The VenturE-RV has proven itself in all areas of application including hospitals, schools,
retirement homes, high-rise buildings, and commercial facilities of all types. It is easy to clean and has no wearing parts.

VenturE-RV is available in small to large sizes and can be adjoined and stacked to accommodate large flow capacities.


  • Counter flow design maximizes efficiency to 90% sensible and 75% latent—without transferring odors, spores, bacteria, and other volatile compounds
  • System designs up to 75,000 CFM
  • Humidity transfer minimizes the need for anti-freezing measures—saving space and reducing costs for additional equipment
  • Engineered design allows for high-face velocities and a unique low-pressure drop
  • Standard operating temperatures to 179F
  • Airtight design allows minimum leakage
  • Certifications: AHRI, Eurovent, Hygiene, ISO 846 and VDI 6022, Fire Performance Class E (EN13501-1:2018 and UL 900)

Watch how the Recutech counter flow heat exchanger works

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