Flat Plate Heat Exchangers

Air-to-air crossflow energy recovery flat plate heat exchangers save you power and cost while helping sustain a greener planet.

flat plate heat exchanger diagram

Flat Plate Cross Flow Heat Exchanger
Energy Cores — Series XLT

AIRotor Series XLT—Energy Recovery Core (Sensible Only) is an air-to-air cross flow heat exchanger. The core is constructed of specialized design corrugated aluminum plates. The energy from the
air path on one side of the plates is transferred to the air path on the other side. The core is generally configured square on one end and stretched to widely varying lengths.

Selection software provides recommended alternative model sizes, lengths, and number of plates within the structure. The cores are square on one end. The overall width equals the overall height and ranges to about 10’ square on the ends. The overall lengths differ within each of the model sizes but can be as long as 20’. Sizes accommodate flow capacities from 1,000 to 75,000 CFM.


  • Heavy-duty construction allows for high face velocities and system pressure to 7.2” wg
  • Standard pressure drop up to 1.1” wg pressure drop
  • Standard operating temperatures to 190F
  • Sensible energy recovery effectiveness up to 75% single path effectiveness
  • No moving parts
  • Stock and custom sizes from 2’x2’ to 8’x8’
  • Any length and multiple plate spacings
  • Near zero cross-flow contamination
  • Optional stainless steel construction
  • Standard to 190F (Optional 390F available)
  • Standard pressure to 7.2” wc (Higher pressure available)
  • AHRI Certified: Air-to-air ERV Certified to AHRI Standard 1060


  • Epoxy-coated plates and assembly
  • High-pressure design alternative through 15” wc
  • Stainless steel constructed assembly
  • Operating temperatures through 390F

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